A&E was formed in 2004, and its projects primarily concentrates on high-growth potential sectors having significant impact in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh - Finance, Education, Health Care , Human Resources Development, Information Technology, Communication, Power & Energy and Service Sector. The corporate philosophy that drives A&E into becoming a highly professional indenting and consulting firm capable of delivering value added solutions to its clients includes:

•    Analyzing problems from a multidimensional perspective to gain better insights.
•    Developing an "inside-out" perspective as opposed to the "outside-in".
•    Closely working with clients to understand the people and the process and their interactivity.
•    Setting standards based on what is achievable as opposed to what is acceptable.
•    Providing result-oriented practical solutions.
•    Measuring performance against clearly defined tangible parameters.
•    Defining corporate strategy for long term sustenance and growth.
•    Building competitive advantage through highest standards of professionalism.