Our Services

A&E International offers diversified intending and consulting services to multi-disciplinary industries. Some
are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical: API, Excipient, Machineries
  • Textile: PSF Cotton and Chemical
  • IT: IT Peripherals
  • Health: Laser Based Medical Machineries
  • Disaster Management: Machine/Equipment
  • Power: Solar Power Plant, HFO/GAS/DISEL Power Plant
  • Dredging: Portable Dredging Equipment
  • Compliance and Corporate Governance: Intertek


  • Disaster Management: Management

  • Financial Institute: Insurance Company, Bank

  • Service Sector: Management

  • IT: IT system support, IT security

  • Power: Energy projects; Energy conservation in the domestic sector; Schools sector – educational aspects; Small Scale Renewable Energy Promotion.

  • Education Sector: Management and Human Resource

  • Compliance and Corporate Governance: Government, Autonomous and Private

  • Financial Institute: Proposed Chairman of Insurance Company

  • Partner Telecommunication: Partner of prepaid card distribution (Bangla link, Multinational Company operating in Bangladesh)

  • Power: Solar energy is becoming the best alternative source of energy around the world because of its lowest production and maintenance cost, and long time services. A&E as the local partner of some Spanish company and is simultaneously equipped and made all the arrangements (solar plant equipment, systems, services, supports) to establish 1-5 MW solar power plants initially in any corner of Bangladesh.

Other Areas we do:

1. We are doing business with a Korean company Biologics Co. Ltd. recently received order in Bangladesh arm force another order in June 2018 for their oral cholera vaccine. Expecting order from the govt. procurement
2. W are marketing throughout the country by our selected whole sale chemistry shop. like Diaper, Providoneiodine in swab stick, Ginseng in chocolate form, tadanafil in chewable Stick, contraceptive injection.
3. We have another sister concern Joy & 3 Star Pvt. Ltd.
4. Horiba, Germany. we are sole distributor for bangladesh
5. We have a team to work in Govt. hospital; big private clinic & hospital & government procurement office to know the requirement Tender are we participate.
6. We are sole distributor of Dyntec, Czech Republic for their Animal Rabies Vaccine. we have participated in a govt. tender & get the order soon
7. Agriculture are also marketing
8. We do C&F business under A&E International

9. We are doing API business, we supplying API to almost all the pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh

Our Products